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Finally my video promo is ready. Thank you Alena Barshak for your encouragement and making the great footage!:)
Wow - it was so much fun shooting the bachlorette party photos. Thank you beautiful ladies for allowing me the opportunity to create this cool experience for you. For $150 girls got to have some serious fun!;)
And special thanks to Alena Barshak for shooting the behind scenes video.
Zodiac was created as fun self-portrait series for those who enjoy astrology or as great personal birthday gifts. Images are made using projector lighting, costume pieces and body paint.
Available in limited edition of 300 handmade mixed media transfers on wood or as inkjet prints.

Handmade prints are made using a tedious transfer process on 8x10 1" oval wooden planks, which involves various materials, hand painting and finishes. Please keep in mind each print will vary in texture and wood grain. No two prints will be the same. Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery. If you need a rush service, please email: Free Pickup is available on orders over $100. Click HERE to view details and order.
Parents record precious memories for their loved baby girl.
Aria, when you are a grown up woman, I hope you will love this video and always remember how much your parents cared for you. Have a happy life!

With love,
Diana Luckysova
Just as photo studios are busy getting ready for Halloween, Diana is busy innovating her services as well. Now we are offering custom oil paintings for our customers. Diana Luckysova will paint your portrait with oils on canvas! Not only that, she will do it LIVE at your wedding or a special event, for your guests' artistic pleasure. This surely isn't something offered left and right in San Diego and we are proud to introduce this unique opportunity for our brides to add a unique touch to their special day (as well as incredible art for their family to cherish).

Contact the studio to find out how you can make your special day or memory captured best. We can paint your own existing photos, capturing new ones or bring a fun, fashionable twist to your event.

May Special includes 50% discount off regular prices on all photographic services. Availability is limited to the first 50 customers.
Please contact for details at

Art Of Peace fundraiser is dedicated to aid families of killed and wounded in Kiev as well as spread the peaceful awareness message against violence and tirrany in the world. To discover more about the project and how you may join the cause please visit

Beautiful Jewish wedding of my dear friends in Miami.
I wish you a lifetime of happiness and prosperity. ♡
Diana Luckysova
Beautiful Savannah Lewison.